I. The written request for extension of visa / temporary residence must be submitted to the Rectorate Board, and Cc International Relations Department), including:

1.1. Name of Colleges, Institutes or Schools in which the guests are working for.

1.2. The guest’s personal information as follows:


Full Name

(in capital letters)


Date of birth


Passport No. / Type


At birth

At present









1.3 .Extension Type

1.4 . Time for extension of visa / temporary residence (From expired date of the visa to the day .... month .... year ...)

1.5. Reasons /Purposes to extend the visa/ temporary residence

1.6. Temporary address in Viet Nam certified by the local public security.


RemarksPlease enclosed the written request with:

* Tentative working schedule during time for extension of visa/ temporary residence.

* Labour contract to work for Can Tho University, (if Volunteers)

* Certification of the local public security for temporary residence.

* Application for visa renewal, replacement or modification, length of stay extension No. 14 (contact Dept. of International Relations for this application)

* The guest’s passport (original)

Dept. of International Relations do not support extension visa in case of a visa to Viet Nam for travel purposes (Type C1). 

II. Process

After receiving a complete documents from the colleges/ schools, Dept. of International Relations collaborate and carry out to apply for visa extension, Then transfer the approval records of extension for the units to receive the visa extension results and pay renewal fees at Immigration Department, Can Tho City.


Dept. of International Relations will proceed to carry out the visa extension procedures after receiving the Rectorate Board’s agreement.

The full documents or the visa/ temporary residence must be submitted at least one (01) week earlier the date they are expired.

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