Visa application

Foreigners and/or Overseas Vietnamese residing overseas who plan to entry, visit, and reside in Viet Nam shall be subjected to follow the Law 47/2014/QH13,dated 16/6/2014, issued by National Assembly; This Law deals with the rules, conditions, procedures, rights and obligations of foreigners who enter, leave, and reside in Viet Nam; rights and obligations of Vietnamese authorities and other entities to foreigners entry, exit, and residence in Viet Nam; and

Pursuant to Joint Circular No.01/2012/TTLT-BCA-BNG dated January 3, 2012 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Joint Circular No. 04/2002 / TTLT-BCA-BNG dated January 29, 2002 and Joint Circular No.05/2009/TTLT/BCA-BNG dated May 12, 2009 guiding procedures for Vietnamese citizens residing overseas to register for permanent residence in Vietnam.

Official Letter No.371/A37-P2, dated September 6, 2011 of Viet Nam Immigration Department -  Ministry of Public Security on immigration procedures for foreigners.


Process of visa application includes these steps:

    1. Visa documents from departments and colleges (including visa issuing proposal  document and visa application form)

       a) Visa issuing proposal document must be submitted to the Rectorare Board

            The document needs to be specified:

            - Reasons/purposes of working guests ( in what programs or projects).

            - The guest’s job and organization in which the guest is working for.

           -  The Guest’s personal information in passport as follows:

                + Name, Surname (as in passport)

                + Gender

                + Birth date

                + Nationality (current nationality)

           - Place of receiving visa.

           - Payment for the guest’s working time ( and from what source)

           - The guest’s working duration.

           - Types of immigration ( single or multiple entry)

           - Anticipated temporary address in Viet Nam.

           - The guest’s working schedule in Viet Nam

b) Visa Application Form (please find, download and print the attached document)

(visa application form)

* Note: All documents above must be submitted to the International Relations Department 2 weeks before guest’s entry

    2. What does International Relations Department (IRD) do to get visa for guests?  

          The procedures of getting visa is as follows:         

            - Checking all official documents for  visa application consisting of one document submitted to Ministry of Education and Training and the others submitted to Immigration Office (3 copies) ( IRD asks units to correct if there are any faults)

            - Sending all revised official documents to the Rector Board for agreement

            - After receiving the Rector Board’s agreement (including Rector Board’s signature on documents sent to Immigration Office), asking for a reference number and a stamp from Department of  Administration and Planning

            - Sending all documents to Liaison Office in Ho Chi Minh City

            - Confirming whether Liaison Office in Ho Chi Minh City receives the documents

            - Contacting, submitting documents to Immigration Office in Ho Chi Minh City and waiting for results (task of Liaison Office’s staff in Ho Chi Minh).

            - Following up visa requirements ( IRD’s  task)

            - Sending visa results to IRD as soon as receiving them from Immigration Office (task of Liaison Office’s officer in Ho Chi Minh)

            - Informing the unit

            - Informing the guest (if he/she is Rector Board’s guest, unit will ask IRD to inform).    

            NoteIRD only carries out visa application procedures when getting the Rector Board’s agreement

     3. Duration:

             About 8 to 10 days right after IRD get the Rector Board’s agreement 

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