I- Project approval at university level

1 . Upon receiving a new project, Chairman (as the representative of unit / team who has signed the contract , agreement with external partners ) sends 04 sets of copies to Department of International Relations (DIR): 

          - A written request to receive project; 

          - Original proposals, contracts, agreements or documents related to the project; 

          - Vietnamese translation of the summary of proposals, contracts, agreements or documents related to the project; 

          - A written request for the establishment of a Project Management ( Chairman, coordinators, secretaries, accountants, cashiers) and personnel involved in the project;

           - Norms for expenses; 

          - Project spending plan (duration of at least 2 years) 

          - A budget for the first year of the project 

2. Department of International Relations will cooperate with Department of Financial Affairs for the approval of the Rectorate Board on the documents mentioned above. Once approved, DIR will provide project codes while the sets of documents will provide for the chairman; Department of Research Affairs, Department of Financial Affairs (DFA) and DIR.

II- Project approval at ministry level

1. Chairman sets the contents of the project (according to the form of the Ministry of Planning and Investment), then send complete e-file of the project documents to DIR (Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thao at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for evaluation and offering suggestions. 

2. After getting feedback, Chairman will revise the project document contents and print and bound into books, then send 07 copies to DIR.

Project documents including:

- Project Document

- Project Content

- Proposal/ contract/ agreement signed by the donor partners in foreign languages

- The Vietnamese translation and summary of the Appendix (if any) 

 3. DIR sets up the submission form to Ministry of Education and Training requesting for project approval signed by the Rector of the University.  The sets of copies will be sent to Department of Planning and Finance - MOET with 04 sets, 01 set for DFA, 01 for DIR; 01 for Chairman and 01 for  MOF upon procedures for receiving aid.

Once getting the feedback from MOET, MPI, and other relevant agencies, Chairman of the project will edit the project document and then provide 04 sets to DIR for Rectorate approval. DIR will submit 02 copies to the relevant Ministries, keep 01 copy and send back the last copy to the Chairman.

When receiving a decision approving the project from the Ministry of Education and Training, DFA will retain 01 original document, the others will send to DIR and the Chairman.

III- Aid confirmation

When having got the approval from MOET, the Chairman will continue to proceef for aid confirmation. 

IV- Budget settlement

The Chairman of the project can request for budget settlement in order to keep up with the progress of project implementation.

V- Project report 

- For the current active projects: In addition to periodic reports to the partnership under contract/ agreement, Chairman of the project will submit the report to the Ministry of Education and Training through DIR every 06 months and for the entire year. 

 - For the projects that have been finished: the chairman of the project must send a report in writing , fax and e-mail to the Ministry of Education and Training not later than 06 months after the end of the project. At the same time, the Chairman conducted an inventory of the assets funded during the project, proposes and plans for dealing with asset transfer under the guidance in Circular dated 06.15.2010 87/2010/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance on the management and processing properties of the projects using the state budget when the project is completed. Department of Facility management will perform the inventory and asset transfer, when getting the official record of delivery, the chairman will send 02 originals to DFA.

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